Season’s Pass

Season’s Pass

The Season’s Pass coupon books you in for every Higgy’s Track Day this year!   For 2021 that means nine (9!) days at the track at a hugely discounted price!   For 2021, this is a savings of $730!    Remember,  Higgy’s Season is NINE days long, compared to other Season Pass offerings.

Full Nine (9) Track Days is $2,555 + GST.      That’s $285 + GST per track day and it Includes all the VIP benefits of being a Season Pass Holder.

When you book the Season’s Pass, you’ll receive Dedicated VIP Parking in the paddock (basically, you can pick where you want to set up in the available parking area and that spot will be held for you in the morning) so you don’t need to be first through the gates to reserve your favourite paddock spot. 😊

How To Purchase: CLICK HERE to add the Season’s Pass to your Cart.    We’ll take care of the back office work of adding your name to each Group on each day (subject availability.  If you book a Season Pass when some of the days are already Sold Out, we’ll Refund your Season’s Pass and you can book what days/slots are still available.  We’ll work with you to get you on track every day as best as we can.   There’s always a little something we can do.)

Alternatively, you can add each day and session to your cart and use the Discount Code 2freeseason to get the $730 discount.   But that’s a lot of clicking!

Please reach out if you have any questions about the Season’s Pass.   It’s a big investment in your riding, and Higgy’s wants to make sure that you’re getting the most possible from the experience.  

NOTES about the Season’s Pass-

COVID 19 –  If the track is closed due to Covid-19 and Higgy’s is unable to hold their events, then the unused balance of the Pass will be refunded.    The cost of the Pass is divided by the number of days in the season, and the resulting per day cost is multiplied by the number of affected days.  This is what the refund will be.    If the season never starts, you get a Full Refund.   

TRANSFER –  The Season’s Pass is Non-Transferable.    However, for 2021 we will try this out, Higgy’s will make an exception if the Season Pass Holder is injured due to a motorcycle accident.   The Pass Holder would be responsible for finding the new riders, and ensure that those riders agree and conform to Higgy’s Terms and Conditions, etc.   The Season Pass money is not refunded;  the Pass Holder is responsible to collect from the transferee (recipient of each day pass) whatever amount they agree upon.