Which Level Is Right For Me

Relaxed Session:

Your Safety Is Our Top Priority.   The Relaxed Session is aimed at providing first-time track riders on sportbikes, beginner level riders, intermediate riders on small displacement bikes, and riders not on sportbikes with a more comfortable track day environment and session to ride in.  Riders in the Relaxed session are there to enjoy a safe, monitored, more casual on-track experience.   Speeds in the Relaxed group are considerably slower than in the other two sessions, though riders are free to go their own pace – and some ride faster than others. 

Riders who have never been to a track day, are still quite new to trackdays, or who are on motorcycles other than sportbikes (Cruisers, Harleys, Goldwings, etc) should sign up for this level. No racers or truly fast street riders are to ride within this group, and participation in this group is monitored by control riders (marshals) and facility employees throughout the day. Anyone riding materially faster than others in this group will be asked by course marshals to move up into our Intermediate Group sessions, assuming their skills warrant advancement into the Intermediate group.

Strict passing rules do apply to this session, and we do everything within our power to control passing: PASSING IN RELAXED GROUP IS TO OCCUR ONLY IN DESIGNATED AREAS WHICH ARE DISCUSSED DURING THE MORNING RIDER’S MEETING.   GENERALLY SPEAKING, PASSING IS ONLY DONE ON CERTAIN STRAIGHT AWAYS.   Additionally, marshals will be on the course to help monitor passing.

IMPORTANT NOTES ON OUR RELAXED SESSION – PLEASE READ (Especially if you’ve never been to a track day before):

  1. While this group caters to slower-paced riders and track day newbies, that doesn’t mean that riders in this group go slow: they just go slower than the riders in our other two sessions. Speeds down the front straightaway in this group can and sometimes do exceed 130km/h for the faster riders in this session, so please know this upfront.
  2. HOTT staff members do their best to keep faster riders out of this session. Yet fast is a relative term, and what we deem “fast” may be different from your interpretation.
  3. To the extent that we can control fast or dangerous passes in this group, we do our best. There are typically up to 15 different riders in this session, all on the track riding at the same time, and passing (being passed, or passing someone else) is simply a given on track days… including in this session. For the comfort and safety of guests in this session, we ask that riders pass only on straight aways and on the outside of any corners (where permitted). 
  1. For those with track day experience, performance school experience or tires that show wear all the way out to the edges, the Relaxed Group is the wrong level to sign up for: instead, look to the Intermediate Group, possibly even our Expert Level group (for riders with lap times of 1:26 or better at VIMC).

Intermediate Session:

This group is limited to riders who have attended track days, have a stronger level of confidence on the track, and ride at a faster pace than the Relaxed Group.

Note: Slower riders in Intermediate will likely be asked by on-course marshals to participate in the Relaxed Group session, and faster riders in this session will likely be asked to participate in the Advanced group, ensuring that our Intermediate Group session is limited to similarly paced riders who don’t yet qualify or desire to ride in our Advanced Group session.

The passing rules for the Intermediate session are as follows: passing is allowed on the inside of corners within these sessions, but only if it can be done with plenty of room between you and the other rider. No stuffing or diving allowed! We ask that riders choose carefully where they pass so as not to endanger someone else.  Leave plenty of room for your fellow riders (we ask that you maintain 2 meters between the bikes) and use common courtesy in all of your actions: remember track days are not races, and there will be no trophies handed out at the end of the day.

Riders making aggressive or unsafe passes, as witnessed by course marshals or corner workers or participants themselves, will usually be given one warning. If that same rider again is seen making an aggressive or unsafe pass, HOTT will simply ask them to go home. HOTT track days are only track days, not race days, and we will not knowingly allow unsafe riding on or off of the track. Period.

COMMENT: For riders who would describe themselves as fast street riders, riders with a few years of track day experiences, and riders with tires that show wear all the way out to the edges, this is probably the appropriate level to choose.  If your lap times are faster than 1:55 at The Ridge, please sign up for our Expert session instead.

Expert Group: 

This session is dedicated to the fastest, most experienced group of riders on the track, and speeds down the front straightaway can reach 160-170 kph for the session’s fastest participants. Few street riders will be allowed to participate in this session unless the street rider can demonstrate or confirm lap times of 1:27 or better.  Permission for a street rider to participate in this group will not be given out easily.

As one would expect of a session that has mostly racers in it, there are fewer passing rules or restrictions in this group, which will be detailed in the morning Riders Meeting.  In addition to using common courtesy and sense while making a pass, we also ask the rider being passed to just give room, to not shut the door, or cut the nose off.  Let the faster rider pass.   It’s Not a race.   Just like the other sessions, riders making unsafe passing decisions will usually be given one warning and then asked to PTSAGH (pack their stuff and go home) if they are a repeat offender.

NOTE: If you haven’t raced or have never timed your laps at The Ridge, we would suggest you NOT sign up for Advanced group. Sign up for the Intermediate group instead, and if we think you’re too fast for the Intermediate group, we’ll advance you to the Expert group.

I’m still unsure as to whether I should sign up for Relaxed or Intermediate? What would you suggest?

If you are a first timer or you’re not sure between Relaxed or Intermediate, sign up for Relaxed. Play it safe. We’ll advance you if we think you’re ready for Intermediate.