About Us

Welcome to Higgy’s On The Track!

Higgy’s On The Track is an Organizer of Motorcycle Track Day’s at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit (VIMC) with a core focus on Safety, Learning, and Fun.  

Mark Higginbottom started this organization in late 2020 for a few reasons.   One was to ensure that there were track days made available to the motorcycle enthusiasts who would like to ride at the beautiful, flowing, technical, and engaging VIMC road course.   He knew that car groups were plentiful in the area and saw a need to get in and book days for motorcycles before they were all gone.  The main goal was to provide Safe, Fun, and Good Value track days at VIMC for motorcyclists for many years to come.

Second, Higgy’s On The Track was started as a small way to give back to the sport and to the community that he Loves and Appreciates.   Sure, there are other track day providers locally and across the world, and certainly nothing here is revolutionary, but 100% of Higgy’s organizational efforts are to planning and hosting the best motorcycle track days that he can at VIMC.   Higgy’s takes care of all the details so all you need to do is book the date and show up prepared to engage in a fun day of riding motorcycle on track, improving your skills, and hanging out with other motorcycle enthusiasts from this very spirited and lively community.

Third, Higgy’s On The Track was started because Mark enjoys organizing and running the Track Days.  Motorcycle Track Days are Fun!   It’s just nice to be a part of something so fun and engaging.   Hopefully you feel the same way too.

See You On The Track.