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Welcome to Higgy’s On The Track! We organize motorcycle track days at the beautiful Vancouver Island Motorsports Circuit (VIMC).

First time on track?  Track day fanatic?  We have the right group for you!  

Come join us this motorcycle track day season and let’s have a blast together.

2024 Higgy’s 9 Hour Charity Event

Thank you for your support of our 2022 Charity Event!!! We have raised over $75,000 for the Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island. Thank you!!!


Higgy’s On The Track is an Organizer of Motorcycle Track Day’s at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit (VIMC) with a core focus on Safety, Learning, and Fun.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Top Three Priorities of Higgy’s On The Track?

Bring In Order, Our Top 3 Priorities for every track day is as follows:

  1. SAFETY: Your Safety, Our Safety, and the Safety of everybody at the Track whether they are working or spectating. Safety is, and always will be, the most important measure and guides every decision we make. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Mark on his cell 250-588-8775 at any time, or send an email to higgysott@gmail.com .   We want everyone to be as comfortable as they can be both on and off track at every track day we organize.  Safety First.  Always.
  2. FUN:     We love track days because they are great fun, great exercise, and a great way to improve your motorcycle handling skills in a controlled environment that is arguably much safer than “trying things out on the street”.   Higgy’s organizes track days so that we can have FUN.    Aggressive Behaviour, Machismo, and Bad or Uncooperative Attitudes are simply not welcome at the Higgy’s track day environment.  There are no prizes, there is no winner.  We are all at the track to enjoy the sport we love and to hopefully improve a few aspects of our riding in a safe and controlled environment.   We do this for Fun.  We do this for the love of the sport.  Bring A Smile and Ride Another Mile.
  3. GOOD VALUE:    We offer many track days throughout the season, and we know that your hard earned money needs to work as best it can for you, especially when it comes to things like track days.  Our goal is to provide a great service, with great dates, and a smooth operation, at a price that is budget conscious.  We keep it simple and straightforward for our customers.  Customers want quality time on track, and Higgy’s will deliver it as professionally as we can.  Higgy’s:  Professionalism and Priced Right.  

Will there be any Riding Instruction at Higgy’s?

Yes, and it’s Free.    In every session there are Control Riders wearing bright vests or colours, and they have two main functions as Control Riders.   First is to monitor the safety and riding environment of the group and to be a “first on call” to any incident, but a close Second is “To Assist In The Development Of Rider Skills”.    Control Riders are some of the most experienced riders at the event, and their years of riding Track Days is an incredible wealth of knowledge that they’ll be pleased to share to help improve your riding at the track.  

Asking for a Lead-Follow with a CR is a great way to get more comfortable on the track.    You can either find your CR in the paddock during breaks and request a Lead-Follow,  or you can follow a CR if they “tap their tail” when they’re in front of you on track.   This friendly gesture means to follow their lines through the corners  (try to keep a safe, but close, distance.   Maybe 5-10 meters behind CR).   You are under no obligation to follow them!   It’s just a friendly offer.   Feel free to waive it off with your hand or give a little shake of your head “No” if you’d rather not follow.    No Worries!

What do you recommend I bring with me to a Higgy’s On The Track track day?

Aside from your motorcycle, appropriate gear (see the Gear section under the General Information section of this site), and a positive attitude, not much is required!   Also under the Resources section of our website is a document called TRACK WEEKEND CHECKLIST.   There are many things listed on there to help guide you when packing up your vehicle for a track day.   Print it off and check things off as you fill your vehicle.   Not everything is mandatory, of course, but it’s a good starting point when laying out your plan.   If you feel we’re missing something, please email us and we’ll add it to the list!

What do I need to do to my bike in preparation for a Higgy’s track day?

Make sure your bike runs well, is clean of debris, and is 100% free of oil leaks. Check your tires for tread wear and condition (50% tread life remaining or better). Tape over the glass/plastic on your lights, turn signals, mirrors, and licence plate.  Either disable or tape over your rear brake light completely; we don’t want to be able to see it working on the track, as it can be distracting. Be sure your throttle returns to a closed position quickly (snaps back) when rolled open and then released. Also check your tire pressures, your brakes, and be sure to have a full tank of gas in the bike.   Check oil levels, brake levers and pads, throttle cables and operation, etc.  No safety wiring is required, but if you’re doing a lot of track days, then safety-wiring your brake caliper bolts, oil filter, axle nuts, etc, is strongly recommended.   Normal coolant is allowed at VIMC however track-friendly coolant such as Water Wetter is strongly preferred. 

Do we require that a person has at least some street riding experience?

Yes. If you are brand new to riding and are just getting familiar with the controls and operation of a motorcycle, we’d suggest you get some more experience riding on the street before signing up for one of our track days.

I’ve always wanted to check out a track day, but I’ve never done one. How do I know that my experience will be a positive one?

Higgy’s On The Track aims to make every track day an enjoyable, unintimidating experience for every participant… despite the fact that one’s first track day can be a bit of heart-pounding experience. We know what it’s like to be at the track for the first time, and to the extent that our staff can be helpful, friendly, and accommodating as you give trackdays a try, we do our best. Yet our goal, whether you’re a first timer or a person with lots of track time under your belt, is to have each rider walk away from our events thinking “wow, Higgy’s does a first class job. I had a great time, the people were professional, timely, organized, and friendly… and I learned a ton. The money I spent to participate in the track day was worth it.”

Additionally, Higgy’s does all we can to minimize the dangers inherent in a track day event where high(er) speeds and obvious risks are present. Can we eliminate all risks? No. Do we catch every rider that makes an unsafe pass that was just a bit too close for comfort? Can we protect you from a rider that goes down in front of you, causing you to go down as well? Can we slow down every rider on the track riding over their head? No. Some of these risks are an inherent part of track day, high speed riding – and Higgy’s cannot control the riding and decisions of each rider on the track. Yet as an organization, we do all that we can to eliminate or minimize the various risks we can control, that are within our power, and that we can respond to in time.  We are especially vigilant, if it’s at all possible, with the Relaxed Group.  This Group is for beginner Track Day riders and slower riders, and to every extent possible, Higgy’s management and Control Riders are carefully watching this Group to ensure that the pace in the Group is as Safe and as Appropriate as it can be.