What is the noise limit at VIMC?

95 decibels.   Strictly Enforced.   There are sound recorders located around the track that monitor this noise coming from your bike. If you exceed 95 dB you will get a warning, and given the chance to make adjustments to your bike.  Repeated infractions will result in that bike being done for the day.  You will not get your money back if your bike is too loud.   This is why some people bring a second bike, just in case.   Make sure the second bike is more quiet!   Generally speaking, Supermoto bikes and sport bikes with performance aftermarket exhaust (especially if the “db killer” in the pipe has been removed!) will be very close, or exceed, the 95 dB limit.   Come Prepared.  You Have Been Warned.  

What are the Top Three Priorities of Higgy’s On The Track?

Bring In Order, Our Top 3 Priorities for every track day is as follows:

  1. SAFETY: Your Safety, Our Safety, and the Safety of everybody at the Track whether they are working or spectating. Safety is, and always will be, the most important measure and guides every decision we make. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Mark on his cell 250-588-8775 at any time, or send an email to higgysott@gmail.com .   We want everyone to be as comfortable as they can be both on and off track at every track day we organize.  Safety First.  Always.
  2. FUN:     We love track days because they are great fun, great exercise, and a great way to improve your motorcycle handling skills in a controlled environment that is arguably much safer than “trying things out on the street”.   Higgy’s organizes track days so that we can have FUN.    Aggressive Behaviour, Machismo, and Bad or Uncooperative Attitudes are simply not welcome at the Higgy’s track day environment.  There are no prizes, there is no winner.  We are all at the track to enjoy the sport we love and to hopefully improve a few aspects of our riding in a safe and controlled environment.   We do this for Fun.  We do this for the love of the sport.  Bring A Smile and Ride Another Mile.
  3. GOOD VALUE:    We offer many track days throughout the season, and we know that your hard earned money needs to work as best it can for you, especially when it comes to things like track days.  Our goal is to provide a great service, with great dates, and a smooth operation, at a price that is budget conscious.  We keep it simple and straightforward for our customers.  Customers want quality time on track, and Higgy’s will deliver it as professionally as we can.  Higgy’s:  Professionalism and Priced Right.  

Will there be any Riding Instruction at Higgy’s?

Yes, and it’s Free.    In every session there are Control Riders wearing bright vests or colours, and they have two main functions as Control Riders.   First is to monitor the safety and riding environment of the group and to be a “first on call” to any incident, but a close Second is “To Assist In The Development Of Rider Skills”.    Control Riders are some of the most experienced riders at the event, and their years of riding Track Days is an incredible wealth of knowledge that they’ll be pleased to share to help improve your riding at the track.  

Asking for a Lead-Follow with a CR is a great way to get more comfortable on the track.    You can either find your CR in the paddock during breaks and request a Lead-Follow,  or you can follow a CR if they “tap their tail” when they’re in front of you on track.   This friendly gesture means to follow their lines through the corners  (try to keep a safe, but close, distance.   Maybe 5-10 meters behind CR).   You are under no obligation to follow them!   It’s just a friendly offer.   Feel free to waive it off with your hand or give a little shake of your head “No” if you’d rather not follow.    No Worries!

What do you recommend I bring with me to a Higgy’s On The Track track day?

Aside from your motorcycle, appropriate gear (see the Gear section under the General Information section of this site), and a positive attitude, not much is required!   Also under the Resources section of our website is a document called TRACK WEEKEND CHECKLIST.   There are many things listed on there to help guide you when packing up your vehicle for a track day.   Print it off and check things off as you fill your vehicle.   Not everything is mandatory, of course, but it’s a good starting point when laying out your plan.   If you feel we’re missing something, please email us and we’ll add it to the list!

Is there fuel for sale at the track?

There is self-serve gas available for sale at the track.  It accepts Visa and MasterCard.  Alternatively you can buy gas during the lunch break at the gas stations in Duncan, but this is definitely Not recommended:  it’s a lot of rushing around (when you should be resting up and fueling your body!) just to save just a few dollars off the track pump price.   Remember that bikes have small fuel tanks!

What if it rains? Should I still come out?

Higgy’s On The Track operates rain or shine, and we don’t mind if it rains one bit. You shouldn’t mind either, if learning how to ride better is your goal.  Students and track day riders who have ridden on rain days tell us the same thing time and time again: they learned so much more than they thought they would! Why? Rain teaches smoothness: riders tend to slow down and focus more on their technique and fundamentals than speed.

Trust us: if it rains, a wet track can help you improve your riding, and with good tires you’d be amazed how much traction there is.     Sure, we don’t exactly love it when the rain absolutely pours down, but somedays are better than others, right?   

Naturally, you may want to remove any slick or track day tires if you have them mounted, and consider mounting an all-weather DOT tire or, ideally and if your budget stretches to do this, a “WET” track day tire.

Do you serve food at your events?

No.   You are strongly encouraged to bring you own food and drink, and you should be fully prepared to be hydrating throughout the day. Drink lots of water, and be sure to fuel with healthy snacks and food both in the morning and afternoon.

Will you have a photographer at your events so that action shots can be purchased?

MAYBE.   It’s up to the local photographers if they wish to attend our events.   If one does attend, they will typically be taking shots of all guests in multiple corners throughout the day.  If there is a photographer present on the day, we will announce the name of the photographer at the mandatory Rider’s Meeting each morning and you will followup with the photographer directly. You can also email Higgy’s after the event for the name and contact email of the photographer and we will happily put you in touch with them

Will you have any gear or leather suit rentals available?

Unfortunately, we do not have gear or leather rentals available at this time.

What gear do I need to bring to a HOTT track day? Helmet requirements. Protection requirements. One piece or two piece riding gear?

We cover this in detail under General Information (Riding Gear Requirements).

What do I need to do to my bike in preparation for a Higgy’s track day?

Make sure your bike runs well, is clean of debris, and is 100% free of oil leaks. Check your tires for tread wear and condition (50% tread life remaining or better). Tape over the glass/plastic on your lights, turn signals, mirrors, and licence plate.  Either disable or tape over your rear brake light completely; we don’t want to be able to see it working on the track, as it can be distracting. Be sure your throttle returns to a closed position quickly (snaps back) when rolled open and then released. Also check your tire pressures, your brakes, and be sure to have a full tank of gas in the bike.   Check oil levels, brake levers and pads, throttle cables and operation, etc.  No safety wiring is required, but if you’re doing a lot of track days, then safety-wiring your brake caliper bolts, oil filter, axle nuts, etc, is strongly recommended.   Normal coolant is allowed at VIMC however track-friendly coolant such as Water Wetter is strongly preferred. 

How do I know if my tires will pass inspection and be suitable for the track?

First, while we say a minimum of 50% treadlife is required, if you’re still in doubt then a better gauge if your tires are ready for track days is to check and ask yourself if you have 75% or better tread left on both front and rear?   We don’t have a tire service at our track days, so if your tires are too worn down, or more than about five (5) years past their production date, then you are at risk of not being allowed on track.  We don’t want to tell you that you can’t ride because your tires are not safe, but it comes down to Safety.   Keep in mind you’ll likely be working your tires a lot harder on track than on the street, so for your safety and the safety of everyone at the track, you’ll want to have good tires on your bike.  Plus, I can practically guarantee that you will have more FUN with fresh, grippy, healthy tires on your bike. 

If you are still in doubt, get new tires.  The track will wear down tires many times quicker than a street ride will, so come to the track with tires that have plenty of life in them.

Second, what’s the age on the tires? If your bike hasn’t been ridden in a year, for instance, and the tires feel hard as a rock, get new tires.  Tires that are more than five (5) years older than their production date are really not suitable for track riding (particularly in Intermediate / Advanced Groups).   Bottom line is this: don’t go cheap on tires. They’re the difference between good traction and bad, which can be the difference between a fun day… or a day with a crash.

Will there be tires available for sale at the track, and/or a tire changing service?

Unfortunately we don’t have Tire Vendors or Services at Higgy’s or at VIMC.  Maybe down the road…

I ride a sportbike and I have sportbike tires. What tire pressures do you recommend for the track?

For riders using a performance/sport/track day tire, we suggest around 31-33psi in the front, and roughly 30-32psi in the rear. We would suggest a pound or two more in the front tire. HOWEVER, each tire manufacturer has different pressure requirements and recommendations in order to make a particular tire perform at its best. Now add weather/temperature variances: hot days vs. cold. Thus, our best suggestion is to talk to your local bike shop (where you got your tires) before your track day and get their thoughts on tire pressures for your tire brand and model.

Do I need to be considered a fast and experienced rider in order to participate in a track day?

No.   Higgy’s is for the average rider (licensed, has experience riding on streets and is not brand new to motorcycle riding) who wants to improve his/her skills – most of whom have no interest in racing.  Unlike race schools, where the goal is to teach riders how to shave a second or two off of their lap times,  Higgy’s welcomes riders of varying skill levels and encourages an atmosphere of how to ride smoother, smarter, safer, and ultimately faster.   Relaxed Group is geared towards riders who enjoy a slower pace on track and just want to have fun in the corners and their own pace.   Faster riders will enjoy the upper Groups where the pace is more suitable for the faster riders as they work to further refine their advanced skills.

Do we require that a person has at least some street riding experience?

Yes. If you are brand new to riding and are just getting familiar with the controls and operation of a motorcycle, we’d suggest you get some more experience riding on the street before signing up for one of our track days.

How many riders will there be in each 20 minute session?

There are 15 riders on track (Maximum) in each Group.  There will be at least one (1) Course Marshal  or “Control Rider” in every group.

Are Higgy’s Track Days only for sportbike riders?

No! While sportbike and sport touring bikes certainly make up the majority of rides at our events, we encourage riders (men and women both) on other kinds of bikes to consider our schools and track days. Whether you are on a Harley, Goldwing, a dual sport, a race bike, or touring bike… we welcome you to our events. If you have concerns about whether or not your bike can be put on the track, simply contact us by email.   We do, however, have a limit on some minibikes and small displacement machines (say < 125cc) which are simply not acceptable bikes to ride on track at our events.

I’ve always wanted to check out a track day, but I’ve never done one. How do I know that my experience will be a positive one?

Higgy’s On The Track aims to make every track day an enjoyable, unintimidating experience for every participant… despite the fact that one’s first track day can be a bit of heart-pounding experience. We know what it’s like to be at the track for the first time, and to the extent that our staff can be helpful, friendly, and accommodating as you give trackdays a try, we do our best. Yet our goal, whether you’re a first timer or a person with lots of track time under your belt, is to have each rider walk away from our events thinking “wow, Higgy’s does a first class job. I had a great time, the people were professional, timely, organized, and friendly… and I learned a ton. The money I spent to participate in the track day was worth it.”

Additionally, Higgy’s does all we can to minimize the dangers inherent in a track day event where high(er) speeds and obvious risks are present. Can we eliminate all risks? No. Do we catch every rider that makes an unsafe pass that was just a bit too close for comfort? Can we protect you from a rider that goes down in front of you, causing you to go down as well? Can we slow down every rider on the track riding over their head? No. Some of these risks are an inherent part of track day, high speed riding – and Higgy’s cannot control the riding and decisions of each rider on the track. Yet as an organization, we do all that we can to eliminate or minimize the various risks we can control, that are within our power, and that we can respond to in time.  We are especially vigilant, if it’s at all possible, with the Relaxed Group.  This Group is for beginner Track Day riders and slower riders, and to every extent possible, Higgy’s management and Control Riders are carefully watching this Group to ensure that the pace in the Group is as Safe and as Appropriate as it can be.

Am I going to be doing any racing or competing at a Higgy’s Track Day?

No. There is no competition of any kind during our track days. All riders and participants are asked to ride at their own pace, and focus on having fun. No one will be asked to do anything they don’t feel comfortable doing, and you will not be judged against your peers in terms of speed, lap times, etc.   Our goal is that each rider will be able to participate at their own comfort levels without pressure to go faster than they would like.

How do I know I won’t experience a crash or an accident while on the track riding?

Riding motorcycles is risky. Period. If you don’t know this, then we’d suggest you stay off of motorcycles. Whether you are on the public streets or on the track, there is a certain amount of risk that simply comes with motorcycling the minute you get on a bike and turn the key.

In addition, riding on a track has risks that are different from riding on the street. While there are no cars to compete with, there are other riders on the track with you, the speeds are much, much higher, and it’s still an emotionally charged environment. The risks are there, no doubt, and Higgy’s does not guarantee your absolute safety on or off the track during one of our track days. However, we do everything we can to minimize the risks of an accident or injury.

Will you stop the track day sessions for a lunch break?

Yes.   There is a one (1) hour break for lunch and the track is cold, between Noon and 1PM.

What if Covid-19 shuts down the Track Day?

If the HOTT track day is shut down by provincial orders due to Covid-19, then you will be Reimbursed in Full.