Will there be any Riding Instruction at Higgy’s?

Yes, and it’s Free.    In every session there are Control Riders wearing bright vests or colours, and they have two main functions as Control Riders.   First is to monitor the safety and riding environment of the group and to be a “first on call” to any incident, but a close Second is “To Assist In The Development Of Rider Skills”.    Control Riders are some of the most experienced riders at the event, and their years of riding Track Days is an incredible wealth of knowledge that they’ll be pleased to share to help improve your riding at the track.  

Asking for a Lead-Follow with a CR is a great way to get more comfortable on the track.    You can either find your CR in the paddock during breaks and request a Lead-Follow,  or you can follow a CR if they “tap their tail” when they’re in front of you on track.   This friendly gesture means to follow their lines through the corners  (try to keep a safe, but close, distance.   Maybe 5-10 meters behind CR).   You are under no obligation to follow them!   It’s just a friendly offer.   Feel free to waive it off with your hand or give a little shake of your head “No” if you’d rather not follow.    No Worries!