What if it rains? Should I still come out?

Higgy’s On The Track operates rain or shine, and we don’t mind if it rains one bit. You shouldn’t mind either, if learning how to ride better is your goal.  Students and track day riders who have ridden on rain days tell us the same thing time and time again: they learned so much more than they thought they would! Why? Rain teaches smoothness: riders tend to slow down and focus more on their technique and fundamentals than speed.

Trust us: if it rains, a wet track can help you improve your riding, and with good tires you’d be amazed how much traction there is.     Sure, we don’t exactly love it when the rain absolutely pours down, but somedays are better than others, right?   

Naturally, you may want to remove any slick or track day tires if you have them mounted, and consider mounting an all-weather DOT tire or, ideally and if your budget stretches to do this, a “WET” track day tire.