What do I need to do to my bike in preparation for a Higgy’s track day?

Make sure your bike runs well, is clean of debris, and is 100% free of oil leaks. Check your tires for tread wear and condition (50% tread life remaining or better). Tape over the glass/plastic on your lights, turn signals, mirrors, and licence plate.  Either disable or tape over your rear brake light completely; we don’t want to be able to see it working on the track, as it can be distracting. Be sure your throttle returns to a closed position quickly (snaps back) when rolled open and then released. Also check your tire pressures, your brakes, and be sure to have a full tank of gas in the bike.   Check oil levels, brake levers and pads, throttle cables and operation, etc.  No safety wiring is required, but if you’re doing a lot of track days, then safety-wiring your brake caliper bolts, oil filter, axle nuts, etc, is strongly recommended.   Normal coolant is allowed at VIMC however track-friendly coolant such as Water Wetter is strongly preferred.