Higgy's on the Track Presents

9 Hour Endurance Event for Charity

All donations will receive a Charitable Donation receipt directly from Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island.

What is it? Higgy’s On The Track is hosting a 9 Hour Motorcycle Endurance Event to raise money for the Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island.

How does it work?Riders will do laps around the motorsport circuit for 9 hours non-stop, raising funds for every lap they complete. The format will be 15 teams, with each team consisting of three riders and one motorcycle to share between them. The 15 teams start accumulating laps at 9AM and ride until 6PM when all teams finish their final lap.

Per Lap Donations!Normally, people make a lump sum donation to a Charity, and we accept those as well! But to add an element of fun to the event, Donations are possible (in fact, encouraged) to be made via sponsoring a team on a per lap basis: the more laps the team completes, the more money they raise for the Foundation.

Event Date:Sunday, August 21st, 2022

Location:Vancouver Island Motorsports Circuit
4063 Cowichan Valley Hwy, Duncan, BC V9L 6K4

Hours:Gates Open to Spectators at 8AM. The event will be open to the public. Riders are on track completing laps from 9AM to 6PM.

  • Motorcycle Parking: Lots of it! Plan to stop at this awesome Event as a part of your Sunday Ride!
  • Upstairs Lounge and Observatory Deck will be open all day to spectators
  • Coffee, tea, cold drinks will be served all day in the upstairs Lounge
  • Food Trucks: Several will be on site, as well as an Ice Cream Truck
  • We are hoping to have Live Music and/or a Radio Station DJ at the event!
  • Live Timing Feed: There will be monitors at the event showing a live “real time” tally of dollars raised per team, laps completed per team, etc. There will also be a mobile-friendly website to follow the progress on your phone or laptop: higgys.ca/enduro
  • Grandstands: We’re working on this…. These would be set up for viewing near T1 and also T19
Parking:FREE! Cars and Bikes welcome.
There will be a special motorcycle parking area for the Event.

Gate Fee:$10 per person (100% of Gate Fee goes to the Foundation)

Tell me about the Foundation:

There is no greater gift than our children. And nothing is more vital than their health.

Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island has invested in the health of Island kids for 96 years. Each year, the Foundation touches the lives of 16,000 children, youth, and families across Vancouver Island and the surrounding islands.

On Sunday August 21, 2022, Higgy’s On The Track Ltd. is running a special Charity Event to harness the collective compassion of our track day community so that together, we can improve the lives of Island families, children, and youth living with physical and mental health challenges.

Higgy’s is running a Nine Hour Endurance Motorcycle Charity Event to raise money for Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island. Specifically, the funds will be directed equally to Jeneece Place in Victoria and to Qwalayu House in Campbell River.

Jeneece Place

Jeneece Place has been a success story for Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island since they first opened its doors in 2012. Built to be a home away from home for families, Jeneece Place provides a safe, comfortable, and supportive place for the entire family to stay, alleviating the emotional and financial stress of families that need to stay in Victoria while their child receives medical care.

Inspired by the success of Jeneece Place, Qwalayu House (pronounced kwuh-lie-you) in Campbell River opened its doors in 2021 as a home away from home for families from the North Island region and the surrounding islands who need to travel to Campbell River to access maternal and pediatric care.

Qwalayu House

Our Call To Action: Higgy’s is asking You to make a donation to this cause by supporting a team in the event. You can make a simple one-time fixed amount donation to the team, but to add to a sense of fun, you can make a donation based on the number of laps your chosen team completes. We estimate that teams will complete not more than 340 laps “at best”, so a donation of 25 cents per lap will result in an approximately $85 donation. If you simply want to make a lump sum donation to the event, no specific team, that is also possible.

Please Be Generous and Donate to this Helpful Cause, Donate Now

The Higgy’s Team is proud to be volunteering our time and resources to making this day about the children. We are proud to say 100% of the donations raised are going directly to the Foundation. There is no overhead or administration fee, and we extend our thanks to Vancouver Island Motorsports Circuit for their support of the Charity Event.

100% of donation money raised is going directly to Children’s Health Foundation.

All donations will receive a Charitable Donation receipt directly from Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island.

Please, give generously. Support Your Team, knowing that It’s All For A Worthy Cause.

Kids may be 21% of our population, but they are 100% of our future.


Mark Higginbottom
Owner, Higgy’s On The Track Ltd.

Higgy's On the Track Contact:
Mark Higginbottom

Our Contact at the Foundation:
Michele McKenzie
Annual Giving Manager
Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island
t: 250-940-4950 ext. 108