Track Days


Book your track days with Higgy’s. Choose Advanced, Intermediate or Relaxed to get started.

Multi-day discounts will be applied at checkout, see description for details.

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Choose a group level, then select which dates you’d like to attend. Only dates that have room available will be shown.

You can choose a second group level if you’d like to book some dates at one level and the rest as another. E.G. first 2 days at Intermediate, then the rest as Advanced.

If needed, you may add an additional rider. Choose their level and select dates from the dates you’ve selected above to add those to your total. If you’d like to order dates for another rider that you are not attending, please make a separate order.


  • 4 days booked at once: $120 off.
  • 8 days booked at once: $400 off.
  • 12 days booked at once: $520 off. ( 8 pack + 4 pack )
  • 16+ days booked at once: $800 off.


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Advanced, Intermediate, Relaxed