I’ve always wanted to check out a track day, but I’ve never done one. How do I know that my experience will be a positive one?

Higgy’s On The Track aims to make every track day an enjoyable, unintimidating experience for every participant… despite the fact that one’s first track day can be a bit of heart-pounding experience. We know what it’s like to be at the track for the first time, and to the extent that our staff can be helpful, friendly, and accommodating as you give trackdays a try, we do our best. Yet our goal, whether you’re a first timer or a person with lots of track time under your belt, is to have each rider walk away from our events thinking “wow, Higgy’s does a first class job. I had a great time, the people were professional, timely, organized, and friendly… and I learned a ton. The money I spent to participate in the track day was worth it.”

Additionally, Higgy’s does all we can to minimize the dangers inherent in a track day event where high(er) speeds and obvious risks are present. Can we eliminate all risks? No. Do we catch every rider that makes an unsafe pass that was just a bit too close for comfort? Can we protect you from a rider that goes down in front of you, causing you to go down as well? Can we slow down every rider on the track riding over their head? No. Some of these risks are an inherent part of track day, high speed riding – and Higgy’s cannot control the riding and decisions of each rider on the track. Yet as an organization, we do all that we can to eliminate or minimize the various risks we can control, that are within our power, and that we can respond to in time.  We are especially vigilant, if it’s at all possible, with the Relaxed Group.  This Group is for beginner Track Day riders and slower riders, and to every extent possible, Higgy’s management and Control Riders are carefully watching this Group to ensure that the pace in the Group is as Safe and as Appropriate as it can be.